Icing sheets for that special occaision


Icing Sheet Cake Toppers

7.5 INCH ROUND or 7.5 x 10 A4 Also Cupcake toppers 12 x 2″ discs on a sheet

done to your specification Email us at: corkicingsheets@gmail.com


Just Mail Us Your Picture or tell us what you want and We’ll put it on a topper

and pop it in the post for you for that special birthday, anniversary or event. No more mess with icing and awkward shapes.

All cake toppers have a long shelf life of about 6 months so can be ordered well in advance of your event,

All my cake toppers are printed on high quality edible icing sheets and not rice paper.

Will be posted the very next day from Ireland and you’ll get it fast in a secure cardboard backed envelope

All sizes are €6 per sheet. 7.5″ Round, 2″ Cupcake Discs (15 on a sheet) and A4 size, A3 Size 16″ x10″ €13 Please ask for postage rates

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  1. michelle daly said:

    Looking for 2 sheets if cupcake toppers. Can i mix pics or is it only the 1 pic. I’m living in cork city so i can collect them. Thanks

  2. Ordered a few tomes and everyone always on how fab they are …excellent service …thank you

  3. lorna o callaghan said:

    hi i was just wondering whats the biggest size sheet ye can do just plain white sheet??

  4. Trish said:

    Hi I am looking for a cake topper I’ve emailed details just checking you received it.

  5. aisling mccarthy said:

    Hi looking for a a4 pic of one direction. Passing through cork today any chance I could pick it up?

  6. Marian Bourke said:

    Hi im looking for one to fit a 10″ square cake. With a picture of one direction on it. Can you do that please.

  7. eleanor connolly said:

    Hi…I need one sheet of one direction cup cake toppers…do u have some..pictures of their faces or just their logo and names…whichever. ..I need them for wednesday!!

  8. Julie elder said:

    Hi there could you please email me what a round chelsea football club logo 7.5″ cake topper would look like with “happy birthday sebastian” on it. Thx

  9. Hi I’m looking for a cake topper would I get it Friday do u like I’m in Dublin
    If u could email me that be great

  10. ORLA DAVIDSON said:

    I am looking for a Thomas the Tank engine edible cake topper to go on top of a cake adults can in enjoy.
    It’s for my 2 year old son Aaron.
    Can u tell me what size is cake topper and how much will it be and also can I order 12 fairy cake toppers?????
    It’s for this Saturday 14th Sept and I am in Dublin.
    Thank you

  11. Julie elder said:

    Hi there could you please email me what a round chelsea football club logo 7.5″ cake topper would look like with “happy birthday sebastian” on it. Thx

  12. Hi I am looking for 2sheets to be done please using pictures, how long does it take to do?

  13. Can I call to you tomorrow with picture and you do it while I wait?

  14. Caroline (Kerry) said:

    Hi Ian, Thank you for the icing sheet and the cupcake toppers. Brilliant service and brilliant quality. Will use again. Thank you. My little girl is delighted.

  15. Kimberlee mc Namara said:

    Hi ya, was just wondering if ye can print a rectangular picture on a round sheet?? I’ve made a 12″ engagement cake and the picture for the top is rectangular in shape!! Also if I order it will i have it by Friday?? Living in west cork??
    Thank You

  16. Maggie O Sullivan said:

    Could you send me a pic of edible sheet 7.5″ saying “Happy 5th Birthday Elly” with backround princess sofia picture.Thanks. also a price and how much is 12 sofia cupcake toppers.

  17. Hi I’m looking icing sheet of photo of irish passport on it. Is that possible? thanks.

  18. Stephanie Kavanagh said:

    Hi I am looking for a round manunited topper if that would be possible

  19. lisa beamish said:

    Hi I live in Carrigtwohill and was wondering where you are based as I would like One Direction cake toppers for cupcakes and a birthday cake. If you could contact me back I would really appreciate it. Thanking you Lisa Beamish

  20. Tracy Mulcahy said:

    Just wondering if I placed an order would I be able to collect it myself as I live in cork city and am willing to travel down,

  21. Angela Murphy said:

    I would like a cake topper for my nephews 1st birthday could you give me some suggestions as to what i could gt please

    Many thanks

  22. Maggie O Sullivan said:

    Hi there.can I place order of 7.5″ round toppper with”Happy Birthday Sean. 3 today”with Jake and the neverland pirates pic also plse.party this wknd so il send money order today.Thanks

  23. Hi there, i need a A4 size topper saying
    ‘Happy 40th Birthday Sara’.cream coloured topper with black icing would be preferable.I need it for wed 19th feb if possible please.My phone no is 086 1624849 and i can pay by laser/visa debit if you take same, thanks
    Mary Quigley

  24. Catriona o Keeffe said:

    Hi ,can you do a Smurfs cake topper ?I’m in cork and need it fir next week

  25. veronica doyle said:

    hi there can u make a rectangle moshi monster topper with happy 5 th birthday eric on it

  26. Siobhain McGrath said:


    I am urgently looking for a Ben 10 cake. Can you advise where ye are located and if its possible to do one by sat?

    Many thanks.

  27. Kathleen doody said:

    Hi new to your site and very excited. I’m looking for a power rangers cake for my son’s birthday next Friday? If I order today will I get it on time? Also looking for 36 communion bun toppers?

  28. Aisling Cox said:

    Hi, im looking for 7.5 inch round picture for the top of a cake. I will need it by Friday if this is possible. Thanks in advance.

  29. Brid Hallahan said:

    I’m looking for a rainbow for a 10″ chocolate fudge cake. Can you do it please

  30. Breda griffin said:

    Can u do a Manchester united topping 7.5inch

  31. Hi just wondering can u do some pic of a boys holy commioun for cupcakes and if I want a pic of him how do I send it to u

  32. Sylvia H said:

    I am going to need a picture printed for next sunday.if I e-mail the picture to u tomorrow evening, when am I going to receive it? I live in Cork.
    thanks a million

  33. Sarah said:


    Would it be possible to get icing sheet by Thursday this week if I send you icing sheet today.
    I live in Cork.

  34. Sharon mawe said:

    Hey ya … Just wondering if it’s possible to get a print for a birthday cake A4 size of Niall Horan from one direction .. Party on Sunday 22nd June .. It’s short notice I know so no worries if it’s too late to order
    Sharon Mawe

  35. Amanda Kennedy said:

    Hi. I need a one direction cake topper for this coming Saturday. I had one but my two year old got hold of it and I’m sure you can guess what happened from there! Would I have it by this Saturday if I ordered it monday? Thanks in advance

  36. deirdre linehan said:

    Hi my sisters hen is next wkend and im wondering if you could put her fiancé head onto a really muscle half naked model ….and would I have it on time? I do work in castlemartyr if I could collect it or something if it would help time wise? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  37. lisa beamish said:

    hi this is lisa beamish i live in carrigtwohill and was wondering is it possible to get a 9 inch cake topper for a square cake black and white marilyn manroe with red lips.

  38. Hey I need a frozen teamed cake topper but I need it by Friday any chance or am I too late?

  39. Natalie o Callaghan said:

    I’m looking for disney planes for a round cake and also for cupcakes please do you do these and how much

  40. Renata Fedusova said:

    Hi I would like 1D icing for my daughter’s bday. She is going to be 7. Her name is Tereza.

  41. Hi I am looking for one sheet of cupcake toppers Manchester United logo printed on them what is the delivery to Monaghan? I need them for Friday.

  42. Anne Marie said:

    I want to say for ed sheeran topper but Dont know how.

  43. Hi im looking for chelsea football 7.5 topper rectangle… and 12 cup cakes toppers chelsea fc also ..mayo area is that avalible will need to be posted.

  44. Hi im looking for chelsea fc 7.5″ rectangle cake topper.plus 12 cup cake toppers also chelsea mayo area.

  45. Patricia O'Brien, Cobh said:

    Hello Ian, I am trying to contact you, can you text your telephone no to 0861925084, our computer is out because of lightening where I have your no listed, I need a cake top for tomorrow evening, your mobile no please. Thanks Patricia

  46. Hi, just wondering if the printed icing sheet can be bent/moulded after printing to sit on a curved cake?

  47. Hi
    In looking for man united cake topper but I need by weds 3rd dec would this be possible?

  48. I am looking for a frozen themed cake topper but need it urgently so may not have enough time,i need it tomor?would that be possible?

  49. Hi. I am in Douglas. If I order one tmrw would I have it for Friday?

    Many thanks

  50. John Mc Gregor said:

    2 sheets of 1d please live in cork city need bef or Friday can pick up

  51. siobhan coffey said:

    Happy 8th birthday lauren….can u put her picture with oloaf from frozen. On 7.5 round sheet

  52. annemarie kinsella said:

    Do you do minecraft ones please

  53. Katie Gillman said:

    Hi, I’m looking to Order a 7.5″ by 10 A4
    With the Teenage ninja Turltes picture
    For a 6yr old girl Emily who’s birthday party is on Saturday 7th of March im in the East Cork area so collection is not an Issue . Can this Order be filled even with such short Notice .

  54. My cake is 9 inch round. Would I be better with 7.5 inch round or A4. I’ll need it for Friday. If I order it over the weekend is this enough time?

  55. Nuala ODriscoll said:

    Hi, I’m looking for an a4 frozen cake topper & 2 sheets of small round toppers for Thursday 21st… Is this possible? Thanks!

  56. Marion Lawlor said:

    Hi I am looking for 2 Manchester United caked toppers and cupcake discs in the same
    Marion Lawlor

  57. Aisling barrett said:

    Did u get my email from last Friday???

  58. Sharon lucid said:

    Hi, just wondering if I emailed photos, could u put the photo on with Elsa and Anna from frozen? Also I want to put the topper on a choc fudge cake, would that look ok or would the dark show through?

  59. Mary O'Hara said:

    Hi. Can I order a cake topper and 3 sheets of cupcake toppers please needed for next week

  60. Una quill said:

    We are looking for a paw patrol cake topper. Just wondering do ye do these?

  61. I need pics for cupcakes for Saturday, do you think you could get them on the post today?

  62. Aoife Barry said:

    Good Morning.

    We are looking for cupcake toppers with a communion theme- perhaps white with a cross? Do you do something appropriate, please. We would need them by Friday 8th May.

    Please advise.

    Kind Regards,

  63. Kim Ryan said:

    looking Liverpool football crest topper with happy birthday Michael add on it please for 7.5 round cake.plus 12x 2″ just Liverpool football crest for this Thursday in post please
    Regards kim

  64. Carol Stone said:

    Im looking to buy an icing sheet for my son. If you have one of the Avengers that would be great.

  65. Martina said:

    Hi my son would like call of duty cake topper would this be possible to have by Friday I live in cork city

  66. sarah doyle said:

    Hi looking for round photo cake topper and cup cake toppers with photo for a 70th birthday for 6th June

  67. claire said:

    Hi. Would like to order a few sheets of the discs for cupcakes with 2 different pictures on them. Just wondering if I ordered how long I would be waiting as I need them by this Friday (5th). Live in cork city.

  68. Hello please I need a cake topper a big round one . Please what is the biggest size of round cake topper you make and how much is it. Will mail what I want to you. Please how long will it take to be made. I need it for 2nd of July and I live in cork

    • Biggest round I do is 7.5″ but I can do a
      10″ round on an A3 sheet and you can cut it out. The smaller round is €5 and the bigger one will be €12 and email on what you want and you can collect before the 2nd July and pay then also

  69. maria joyce said:

    Hi. Could you email me a picture of a round man united cake to see what it would look like. Saying ” Happy 30th Birthday Kevin”. Thanks 🙂

  70. hello please i just emailed you on corkicingsheets@gmail.com. could you please reply me. thanks.

  71. sorry i have found the mail will make the payment tomorrow thanks

  72. Hiya. I’m looking to get man united cupcake disc. Would I receive them before next week and also wud u mind sending a pic of what the discs look like? Thanks

  73. Laura said:

    Great service, really happy with the result. I was putting mine on a hot day, and had to pop in the freezer for a few seconds to remove it from the backing safely, this worked beautifully. It might be an idea to give some advice to other folks having a small panic as I did! Thanks, Laura

  74. Grace said:

    Hi, I would like to get some Chelsea icing toppers, do you have a store where I can pick them up?

  75. hi my picture doesnt waant to go out from foil. How to manage it?

  76. Rionna said:

    Hi i sent an email about a picture i want made into an icing sheet just wondering how do i make the payment? And if you got my email? Thanks

  77. Rionna said:

    nevermind i got the reply, thank you very much

  78. Sharon Walker said:

    Hi i am looking for an a4 size icing topper, inside out – the new disney film, just wondering if you would have this???

  79. Ordered less than 24 hours ago. Delivered already. Fantastic customer service. Absolutely thrilled with sheets that I ordered. Thank you!

  80. Looking for man united cupcake and caje topper

  81. Hi I want to order a 7.5 inch round cake topper with a hand drawn picture, is that possible and would it be ready for Friday 21st of August? Thank you 🙂

  82. looking for frozen edible cupcake stickers thank you

  83. Catherina williams said:

    Hi im looking for a square cake topper it’s teen beach movie theme and some cupcakes toppers too im living in Ballincollig thanks

  84. Siobhan sullivan said:

    I’m looking to get a print of the Waterford GAA crest, for a cake… I do not need it full sheet size, half sheet should be plenty big. Would this be possible?


  85. Laura Russell said:

    I lookin to know how big your sheets are and if you do for square cakes, I’m doing memory cake for my brothers who passed away and what remember their 30th/ 40th bdays

  86. Marian Bourke said:

    Just wondering how much for 12cupcake toppers with the Walsh coat of arms also an A4 size sheet with the lv ( Louis vitton) logo if you can,delivered, and would I have it delivered by Fri. Sorry for short notice.

  87. Mariea Brown said:

    Hi I am looking for 12 Manchester United cup cake toppers if that’s possible . Can you give me price to include postage ? based in Dublin and would need for Thursday the 14/10/15 . Thank you .

  88. Hi there
    I would be looking at ordering 120 crests for cupcakes 10 sheets)… How much would that be and how long would it take? Would you have it in a day etc..,, cheers…

  89. dawn tynan said:

    Looking for a 7.5 round Cinderella icing sheet its the one on your facebook pages its the one with Cinderella and the prince I live in Carrigtwohill

  90. Hi my sons birthday is 2nd December. We’d love a paw patrol round cake topper for him. Could you tell me how much with postage please? Can I pay with laser and do you think we would get it on time? Many thanks

  91. Emma Sliney said:

    Hi there,
    Just wondering if you can do the Liverpool crest or something Liverpool football club please and if so how much? Do you have any pictures of ones you’ve already done please.
    Many thanks

  92. Christine Cunningham said:

    Hi,… im looking for WWE cake topper… Both 7.5 round and also for cup cakes,
    Thank you!

  93. Andrea motherway said:

    Looking to get the aghada gaa crest on a 7.5 round plz

  94. Hi. What type of cakes can u supply for the round cake please? How long in advance to you need to order a made cake? Is it possible to visit u? I am in East cork and have few events happening in next few weeks.

  95. Can you post it outside europe?

  96. Thank you for the icing sheet . Brilliant service and brilliant quality. Will use again. Thank you. 

  97. Nuala McLoughlin said:

    Hi I want to order an A4 sheet with a photo and greeting how do I do this?

  98. Noeleen Monahan said:

    Would you do an 8 by 8 for a square cake.

  99. Hi could u send me a contact number please so I could speak over the phone for what I’m looking for

  100. John McDonald said:

    Hi I am looking for a round picture to fit a 12″ cake or close as for my son christening on Sunday and could you put his name beside it
    Cillian Thomas James mc Donald my number is 0876141995 .

  101. Deirdre said:

    Hi I need a communion topper urgently please. Mum v sick and been asked to do cake for Sat. Child is Joshua. Communion this Sat 30 April. Can you please help? Thank you.

  102. Deirdre said:

    Hi Lindsay I lost your instructions. Made cake and buttercream. Do I let buttercream dry before applying topper or put it on while the icing is wet? Very nervous. Thx Deirdre

    • Hi leave the buttercream dry first as if the icing sheet gets wet it will fall apart if you put some rolled out fondant under the icing sheet it will help protect it

  103. Martina Brennan said:

    Please contact me by phone .Mynumber is 0879626752

  104. Nora Brennan said:

    Hi there. Would you be able to do a star wars cake icing sheet?..round shape.
    I need it for Fri 27th may. I live in Clane Co. Kildare. I don’t have a picture to email you.
    Please let me know asap as party on the 28th. Thanks.
    Nora Brennan

  105. Sarah Mcginty said:

    I’m looking for an advengers birthday cake toppers for this Saturday,
    I’min Dublin, is that possible?

    Many thanks

  106. Sharon Healy said:


    Just wondering can you supply Kilo Ren (star wars force awakens) for a cake?


  107. Olga Carroll said:

    I am looking for An Ever After High cake topper for Ava (8yr old) is that possible please 7.5 Round

  108. Murriean said:

    If I order tomorrow will I have them Friday live in cork

  109. Martha Mahon said:

    Hi just wondering do You do a harry potter topper that I can put my daughter face on it and happy 21 Clodagh how much for it and for the smaller one for the cupcake. Thanks

  110. Joanne OToole said:

    Hi I’m looking for a Postman Pat cake topper 8″ or as close…
    Please let me know if u can do for me..

    Joanne OToole

  111. could I get the blue rectangle paw patrol please and cupcake toppers needed by tomorrow as the other cake was not ordered and was asked to do this as a favour can come to collect in the city

  112. Carmel Falahee said:

    Hi, I’m living in Castlemartyr and Ive used ur product before, which I was very pleased with. I’m looking for an a4 icing top featuring “paw patrol” for next Friday! Saying “Happy 3rd Birthday Ronan”
    Hope you can supply this!
    Looking fwd to hearing from you soon

  113. Sinead carroll said:

    Hi there. I am looking for a mia and me icing topper for next Friday. You posted to me before. I am in mallow. Could you send me a pic of what you come up with please?

  114. Susan Gale said:

    Looking for a personalised blaze and the monster machine cake topper for November in Cork. How do I go about it please?

  115. Jenna wade said:

    Hi I was looking for a cake topper for this Friday. Ian in cork so can collect it if needs be. I would like the rectangular one. I have the picture i would like to use. Is is possible to have it for Friday. Thanks

  116. Susan dunne said:

    Hi just checking have your round sheets come in 7.5 inch please

  117. Maria white said:

    Hi I’m looking for a cork city crest icing sheet and cupcakes sheets

  118. Louise cotter said:

    Hi. I’m just wondering how I order and pay please

  119. Theresa Shields said:

    Hi was just wondering do i need to keep it in fridge until i’m putting it on my cake

  120. Theresa Shields said:

    Hi do you have Elmer the elephant cake sheet im doing a 10 in birthday cake

  121. Theresa Shields said:


  122. Fiona said:

    Am I too late to order for this week I need them for Friday??

  123. Carol OREILLY said:

    Do you do any gymnastic sheets

  124. Rosemary O Keeffe said:

    Hi. Do u do any smaller than 2″ cupcake toppers. (1″). Also can I get a mixture of letter and photo. Thanks Rose

  125. Margaret Bolster said:

    Hi l am looking for 7.5 inch round super mario cake topper saying happy 2nd birthday Conor,
    Is this available & if so where can l pick it up, are ye based in Cork?.

  126. Sandra Limrick said:

    Hi is it possible to get some small bulmers labels and captain Morgan labels please.

  127. ben redman said:

    I am looking for 11 7.5″ round cake toppers with our business logo on. Is this possible

  128. Martina Brennan said:

    I’m enquiring about cupcake discs for a 10 year old boy I’m bringing 12 to party

  129. Audrey Dooley said:


    Just wondering what you charge for postage within cork for a Icing sheet? I want to get a photo put on one if possible? Also just wondering if it’s pos to put Icing sheets on to fresh cream or Can you only put them in fondant ?

  130. Orla Kelly said:

    Hello – I was looking for a cake topper of Cork City FC for my sons 8th birthday. Is that possible? It can be posted to Cork.

    Thanks, Orla

  131. Hi,
    I have a christening and looking for a icing sheet canyou tell me how much it cost for the top of d cake

  132. Catherine Sheehy said:

    Hi there I’m looking for 7.5inch round Elsa cake for my 4 year old girl. I live in glanmire so I can collect.
    Oh last minute can I have it by Friday/Saturday of this week
    I can be contacted at 0873183360 thnks in advance

  133. Emma Forde said:

    Would it be possible to get a PJ Masks 7.5 inch round topper for my daughter who will be 4. Her name is Ailbhe.

  134. Frances minihan said:

    Hi just looking for a sheet with a nerf gun and the message Happy Birthday 6th Robert and Matthew- how quickly coukd i get this posted thanks

  135. Dee Carney said:

    Hi there..I wondering if I ordered a cake topped could I collect and pay for it in person..I,m living in Cobh but I would travel to you..thanks in advance …..Dee..😀

  136. Deirdre Foley said:

    Hi, would you be able to do 2 sheets of the 12 cupcake toppers with a unicorn motif and Aisling’s first communion ?

  137. Sinead Murphy said:

    Hi I am after ordering a 10 inch round cake for my sons communion and am wondering if you have a round 7.5 inch icing picture or would this be too small for the cake? I would have no problem putting strawberries around to fill the gap if it would help.

  138. Lorraine Loughnane said:


    Just enquiring do you do ghostbuster cake toppers ??



  139. Leandra said:

    Hi there. I am looking for business card size toppers. Do you have the sheets? I do not require printing?

  140. Eilish McSweeney said:

    Hi there
    How many days for delivery in cork? How much is delivery? How long will the sheet last in the fridge?
    Thanking you

    • Hi its usually next day delivery with an post, if you are around east cork or city you can pay on collection, and if kept dry (not in fridge) in the bag provided they will last for up to 6 months, for more info or to order email us at corkicingsheets@gmail.com

  141. Charlene wright said:

    Looking for Jurassic world logo 7.5” needed by Tuesday

  142. Michele Daly said:

    I would like to order:
    2 Sets of cup cake toppers
    1 7.5 inch round cake toppers.
    What is Postage to Dublin?
    And how do I pay!

  143. Ann Finn said:

    Hi,I’m looking for birthday topper round for birthday cake please. Happy Birthday Sara. 12 today. I will email you a picture when have your email address. Thanks

  144. Jackie White said:

    Hi i need a 12 inch square sheet with PJ masks on it by Friday, do you by any chance do these?

    Thanks a million


  145. Sandra lynch said:

    Hi, I was just wondering if ur could do labels for Heineken bottles??

  146. Annmarie kelleher said:

    Hi can i order an a4 sheet. A fortnite team picture. With happy 6th birthday Samet. On it.

  147. Melanie Considine said:

    Hi I am looking for the Manchester United Crest.
    1x sheet = 2″ Cupcake Discs.
    Live in Ballyphehane, Cork and I need these for Friday 11th January the latest.
    Is this possible?

  148. June Cronin said:

    Hi im looking for an 8″ round Mario brothers cake top and cup cake tops as well if you can do them…thanks

  149. Linda Obrien said:

    Hi looking for a blaze cartoon cake topper.

  150. Hi i would like to order 2 sheets but i would like to send u a picture what i want, but i have a picture of a whole cake and i just want d girl frm pic

  151. Lynda Daly said:

    Hi I’m looking for a cake topper delivered by Friday (I know it’s short notice it’s for 11 inch round cake… happy birthday Eimear and a quantity surveyor theame maybe a digger and tripod or something? Or hard hat?

  152. Elizabeth Callis said:

    Hi I’m looking for 2 sheets beauty and the beast with name and age,2 sheets paw petrol with name and age.

  153. Carol Hill said:

    Hi are you able to put a picture of someone if it’s emailed to you onto a cake topper? My mam is going to be 70 and we want to be able to put her baby photo or a photo of her when she was a child onto the birthday cake.

  154. caroline kennedy said:

    hi there, do u have cake toppers for themes like fr ted please, need either fr ted or mrs doyle for a fund raising event. thanks caroline

  155. Hello, are you printing own design? And are you doing delivery. If yes, how much it cost for my own design with delivery (ballincollig). I’m interesting in 1 sheet only. Thank you. Kate

  156. Louise McDonnell said:

    hi I’m am looking for gluten free cake topper one round 7.5″ of Pokemon. and one sheet of Pokemon cupcake discs . it all has to be gluten free. Conors 8th birthday is this week thanks in advance .

  157. Louise McDonnell said:

    hi I am looking for a round 7.5″ Pokemon cake topper and one sheet of cupcake toppers also Pokemon. Conor is 8 this week. they have to be all Gluten Free. thanks in advance

  158. Looking for mamma Mia cake topper, round or square. Regards Annmarie… amoconnell40@gmail.com

  159. Mariana Cea said:

    Brilliant job, good quality printing, quick email response even on a Sunday and fast delivery. Definitely recommended.

  160. Hi All,
    Looking to get a 7.5 inch circle picture of the shandrum Céilí band for a friends birthday party for Saturday 15 th August.

    Sarah Cronin

  161. Cathy Hemlock said:

    Hi. I’m looking for a circle cake topper of niall Horan with happy 12th birthday Lucy on it b4 Friday by any chance?

  162. Ursula McLoughlin said:

    How long does it take to get a photo cake topper in cork

  163. Marie Murray said:

    Hi. Can you do peaky blinders cupcake toppers and stand up cake toppers. Thank you

  164. Catherine Doody said:

    Hi. I would like to get a cake topper for first Holy Communion in blue on white something like God Bless Michael 21/05/2022. Also 30 cupcake toppers perhaps 3 different designs First Holy Communion, a chalice with the host and joined hands with rosary beads. If that’s possible.

  165. Hilda Tanner said:

    If I were to order today would they be posted today?
    Have you a telephone no ?
    Thank you

  166. Ursula Pineda said:

    Hello, I wonder if you can do an icing sheet for an 8 inch square cake please?

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